Can Quick Weaves Grow Your Hair? Grow Your Natural Hair With Weaves

Quick weaves may be a great option for those who want to protect their natural hair but still have a chic and versatile hairdo.

But can quick weaves help your hair grow? Yes! Quick weaves can actually help promote hair growth if executed correctly.

It gives your real hair a break and allows it to grow without the unnecessary stress of daily styling.

Additionally, the protective cap that covers your natural hair during the quick weave process safeguards it against harmful chemicals and heat damage.

On this page, we will discuss the natural hair can also grow in a quick weave and share our step-by-step methods also.

What Kind Of Quick Weaves Are Best For Growing Natural Hair?

There is always a debate between human hair and synthetic quick weaves. There is no straightforward answer, as both have pros and cons.

Synthetic quick weaves are cheaper than human hair quick weaves. Besides, they are open to more styling or product applications. 

It’s also seen that synthetic ones are more lightweight than human hair ones. Sunlight and hair color standability are also differences between them, and Synthetic weaves win in this case.

Considering all the advantages and disadvantages, people often choose synthetic quick weaves for their affordability and perks. 

However, the demand for human hair quick weaves is also getting higher, so the prices are high.

You can choose either of them, but make sure you choose the one that allows you to care for your natural hair with the weaves quickly. 

Grow Your Natural Hair With Quick Weaves

Your natural hair stays inside the cap when you put on a quick weave for a month or two.

That means they don’t get any hair care product, water, or air to get nourishment to grow. 

So, you must understand that your natural hair and weaves need proper care for the period you’re wearing the weaves.

You can grow your natural hair with our appropriate method guided below with quick weaves.

Ingredients You’ll Need

  • A wooden wide-tooth comb, 
  • A metal wide-tooth comb, 
  • Application bottles, spray bottles, 
  • Braid spray, cream moisturizer, grape seed oil or argan oil, or coconut oil
  • Pre-conditioner or conditioner, shampoo (On your wash days). 
Quick Weaves

Step 1 – Preparation

First, you have to prepare your hair for the process. To do it, you have to detangle your weaves. 

  1. Detangle Hair

Start with detangling the excess natural hair on the front side of your head that is neatly blended with the weave look.

Run a wooden wide toothcomb to do it. Wooden combs are easier to work on dry hair, so we suggest you do so.

Then, take the natural hair section, roll it up, and clip it so it doesn’t mix with the weaves. 

Right after, detangle the weaves running the comb from top to bottom. Continue the process until you are sure every strand is tangle free.

  1. Keep Products Handy

Fill in the products in the application bottle or containers for easy use. 

Step 2 –  Product Application

After detangling, make different sections in the weaves. Separate the bottom section as you must start applying the product from the bottom. Roll the rest of the hair and tie that with a hair clip.

Now, there are two ways you can do hair care for growing natural hair under the weaves. Use either way according to your needs.

  1. Apply Products And Leave It On The Hair

If you are not planning to wash your hair today, follow this method. 

To do this, spray the braid over the braids or the lining you can see over the bottom section you made a while ago.

Next, apply the cream moisturizer on the lining. You will not rub the moisturizer here but gently apply it with your fingers. 

Then, seal the applications with some grape seed oil. If you don’t want to use it, apply argan or coconut oil instead.

Follow the same process in each section of your hair, and you are done. 

If you want to work on your weaves alongside, choose a moisturizer or pre-conditioner, or leave-in conditioner suitable for your weave hair.

You can ask for recommendations from your hairstylist or someone professional with quick weaves. 

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  1. Prepare Hair For A Wash

Washing your hair with a quick weave is necessary once in a while. Although applying products does the job quite well, still you need to wash your hair to remove dirt and product buildup.

If you are planning on washing your hair, the hair care process is similar. You have to apply the products as mentioned in the previous step.

After that, put on a plastic hair cap and a cloth hair cap over it. Preheat the cloth hair cap in the oven before wearing it. 

Wait for half an hour to an hour.

This process will make the hair products you apply seep into your natural hair deeply through the weave cap. 

When washing your hair, take an application bottle and put shampoo with water in it.

Apply and massage it with your fingers. You can use a metal tooth comb to massage your hair by scratching it.

This tool makes the cleaning process quicker and easier.

After applying shampoo, rinse off the products very well with water. Ensure there is no remaining product; otherwise, it will cause build-up and eventually damage your hair. 

Lastly, apply some leave-in conditioner. If you use a regular conditioner instead, you must rinse that too.

Our Tips: There is no necessity to use a conditioner if you have already used one previously in our procedure.

Step 3 – Style Your Hair

One of the most significant parts of styling your hair is blow drying. If you have washed your hair, blow it with a hair dryer.

Remember, as you have a quick weave worn over your natural hair, it will take forever to dry completely. 

Prolonged wetness on your natural hair can cause building bacteria and damage it. 

Once the hair is dry well, style it the way you want.

However, make sure you apply a decent heat protection product on your weaves before using any heat-ironing tool. 

Can Quick Weaves Grow Your Hair

Tips On Maintaining Quick Weaves While Growing Natural Hair

If you want to keep your natural hair healthy with the weaves on, you need to do some extras.

Here are some basic tips you can follow.

Clean The Weaves Regularly

The cleaner you keep the weaves the easier it is to maintain. When the weaves are easy to deal with, they make less tension on your natural hair.

Ultimately there creates no interruption in your natural hair growth.

Oil The Natural Hair Underneath The Weave Cap

Oils can easily get through the weave cap and hydrate your scalp. So, oiling twice in three to four weeks is the best way you can keep your scalps healthy. 

Use Application Bottles That Contains A Nozzle

Your hands aren’t the best tool to apply products on your hair while wearing a quick weave.

Use a nozzled container to apply any hair product so that it can penetrate through the product to your real hair.

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Are Quick Weaves Good For Your Hair?

As we mentioned above, Quick weaves can help your hair grow if installed properly.

It can protect your hair from damage and provide nutrients. However, it can also damage your hair if not installed properly.

Quick weaves are not inherently good or bad for your hair. The potential benefits and risks depend on how they are installed and maintained.

Here are some of the potential benefits of quick weaves:

  • Protection from damage: Quick weaves can help protect your hair from damage from the elements, such as sun, wind, and rain. They can also help protect your hair from heat styling, which can be damaging.
  • Nutrients: Some quick weave styles use extensions that are made with natural hair. These extensions can help to provide your hair with nutrients that it may not be getting otherwise.
  • Growth: Quick weaves can help your hair grow by giving it a break from styling and by protecting it from damage.

Risks :

  • Damage: If quick weaves are not installed properly, they can damage your hair. The glue used to attach the weave to your hair can damage your hair follicles, and the weight of the weave can put tension on your hair, which can also lead to breakage.
  • Irritation: The glue used to attach the weave to your hair can also irritate your scalp.
  • Infection: If the glue is not applied properly, it can harbor bacteria, which can lead to infection.

Final Verdicts

So there you have it. We hope you understand how quick weaves can

grow your hair. Quick weaves can indeed promote hair growth and provide a protective styling option for natural hair.

By selecting quality extensions, finding a trusted stylist, and properly caring for the hair while wearing the weave, women can enjoy the benefits of a quick weave while fostering healthy hair growth.

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