Is Hairspray Bad for Your Hair? Get The Facts From Experts

We’ve all heard the horror stories of someone who consistently uses hairspray and ends up with hair so damaged their whole look has to change. It seems like a good idea in theory to spray your mane into place and you’ll have perfect hold for hours on end!

Is it really that simple, or is there something more to this story? We’re here today to answer some questions about whether or not using hairspray could damage your hair and what you can do to protect yourself if you just can’t seem to stay away from the spray bottle. Let’s dive right into our investigation of hairsprays effects on our locks!

What does Hairspray do to your Hair? 

Numerous brands offer hairspray, as it is known as a beauty product in the fashion and entertainment industry. You can find multiple types of this product in the market, such as heat resistant, setting hairspray, shine, and many more. Mainly, it is used to keep it in place for a classic and sleek look. 

Not women but even men are bound by this product for fashionable looks. It helps maintain the hair in place while keeping the strands in position. In addition, hairsprays are manufactured from fine chemicals mist, which can be used in dry or wet hair. Here are some benefits and drawbacks of hairspray ingredients that you must know. 

Good Hairspray ingredient

  • Biotin is one of the natural ingredients that help to maintain hair nutrients
  • CIR approved Polyvinylpyrrolidone as a safe ingredient to hold the hair in humidity or high temperatures. 
  • Acrylates inhibit the moisture from ruining the hairstyle and hold the hair in place
  • Citric Acid maintains the good health of hair
  • Dimethicone smooths the hair strands and adds shine

Bad Hairspray ingredients 

  • Alcohol is one of the harmful ingredients that you must avoid
  • Ethanol is used for the quick-drying effect
  • Volatile Organic Compounds lead to eye irritation or breathing problems. 
Is Hairspray Bad for Your Hair

Common Side Effects of Hairspray 

Yes! As per reports, hair spray ingredients may cause side effects. Lead to damage to your hair and even end up severe hair loss. Mainly, if you use harsh chemicals, hair sprays, and heat, then it can damage the hair follicle’s roots. 

Breakage and Hair Loss

People using hair spray more often are at higher risk of hair breakage and loss. It can weaken your hair strands due to destroying the cuticle layer of your scalp, leading to weakening the follicles and hair loss. 

Eliminating The Scalp Oils

Inherently, the skin produces oils that help to boost hair growth and keep it moist. But hairspray-containing alcohol is the main cause of eliminating scalp oil. It attacks these oil glands and dries the scalp, which can lead to itchiness or irritation.

According to a trichologist ( Wikipedia), our body produces more oils to compensate for the scalp and fight dryness. However, this boosts the dandruff growth or worsens it as the fungus consumes the oil particles over the scalp. 

Dull and Dry hair

Your hair starts to lose its original shine due to the regular use of hairspray. The reason hair loses its sheen is harsh chemicals, which strip the nutrients from the hair. Using alcohol-based hair sprays can dehydrate the strands. Gradually, cuticle layers will worsen the scalp condition, and your hair shaft will lose moisture.

Attract Dirt

Most of the hairspray is heavy and gathers specks of dirt which attract germs and pollutants. Sweat and natural oil on the scalp convert into dirt and travel to the roots, which causes irritation and inflammation on the scalp—blocking the hair follicles and the development of acne. 

Hair Thinning

If you suffer from hair thinning problems, you must avoid using hairspray. It can appear as temporary hair thinning but can primarily cause baldness. According to experts, using hairspray without knowledge inaccurately directs to weaken and brittle the hair follicles over time. 

Allergy Reactions

You must apply hairspray carefully because it might enter the eyes or through oxygen. Causing allergic reactions such as red eyes, rashes, and sneezing. As the body reacts to the chemicals, it might aggravate and lead to skin damage or scalp breakouts. 

Hairspray Bad

The Benefit of Using Hairspray 

Hair sprays help to create a fantastic finishing look without the hassle. It can be used for curls, straightening, styling, and many more.

Glamorous Look

Specific hairstyles are the job requirement, so you can use hair sprays to keep your hair up-to-date. Professions like air hostesses and models will likely use it to maintain their looks while completing daily activities or visits. Hairdressers and trichologists suggest using hair sprays over mousses, creams, and gels as they are easier to handle, control, and humidity resistant.

Finishing hairspray

Forbes confirms hairstyling is easier to accomplish on damp hair as it carries the hair perfectly. It is a secret styling ingredient of models with unique hairstyles as they go to enchanting parties.

After the execution, every hair stylist knows that hairspray is the last step for the finishing touch. But it’s compulsory to read the instructions if the product is meant for dry or wet hair. 


Before, after, and during the curls, hairspray can be applied depending on your hair type. However, curving your silky hair is full of challenges. That’s why hairspray is a lifesaver for you while curling hair. It prevents frizzy hair and keeps structure. You must leave your hair for a few minutes for a natural and softer finish. 

Fixing Stubborn Hair

Hairspray is very handy when fixing baby hair or loose strands while hairstyling. It keeps the strand in position even in the windy or rainy seasons. It might feel a little moist when applied, but it will dry out within seconds and hold the hairstyle excellently.

Ingredients contained in Hairspray that damage Lungs 

Using gel and mousses doesn’t affect lung health, but hairdressers say, “Hair sprays are the best choice for long and thick hair.” However, accidentally inhaling it can gradually cause lung damage. Also, if these chemicals insert into your respiratory function, it can open the door to other health issues. 

Hairdressers are more likely to develop several diseases, so what are the best precautions? If you apply hairspray occasionally, you don’t need to fret. But, if you are bound to use hairspray daily, you must know the best technique and distance. According to Forbes, always shake the bottle and apply it 8 to 10 inches away. 

Focus On Preventing Damage After Using Hairspray.

Multiple practices are the ultimate cause of hair damage, so you can adjust these activities in your schedule to avoid hair loss. These tips can keep your hair healthy and glossy. 

Conditioning and Washing Hair

You must wash and condition after wearing hairspray. Leaving it overnight can damage your strands and ruin the roots. In addition, you must avoid sleeping while wearing hairspray, as it can lead to tangles and knots. 

However, use a conditioner to moisturize after every wash. It also maintains its shine. Here is the catch, most people don’t use conditioners specific to their hair type, which is a primary cause of unhealthy hair.”   

Brushing and styling 

Using hairspray after styling can prevent damage. Applying it before heating products can lead to a chemical reaction and severely damage your hair. Most hairdressers suggest avoiding brushing your hair after it is dried. As it can break or pull the strands that weaken the follicles. 

Avoid Harsh Chemicals 

Check the ingredients to see if they suit your hair and don’t carry harsh chemicals. Hairspray contains dangerous chemicals which can dry and damage them severely. That’s why high-end brands use natural ingredients with less harmful chemicals for effective results without compromising on stylizing. 

Use Silk Scarf

It’s heck for people with busy schedules; if you can wash your hair after applying hairspray, use a silk scarf or pillow cover. This material can prevent your hair from tangling, and you won’t wake up with a rat nest. 

4 Myths Of That Hairspray Causes Hair Loss

This is one of the biggest hair care myths out there. Hairspray does not cause hair loss unless you are using it excessively and with an extremely tight hairstyle. A tight hairstyle for an extended period can lead to hair breakage or traction alopecia, but hairspray alone is not the cause. So, you can happily continue to use hairspray without any worry.

Myth: Dryness

Hairspray does not cause dryness all by itself. Instead, it can be the chemicals present in poor-quality hairspray that can dry out your hair. But, if you are using quality hair care products like hairspray, your hair would not suffer from unnecessary dryness.

Myth: Hairspray Leads to Buildup on the Scalp

This is a half-truth because using poor-quality hairspray frequently can lead to buildup on your scalp. But if you are using quality hairspray, the build-up shouldn’t be an issue. You can avoid this by washing your hair regularly and use a clarifying shampoo once a month to remove any buildup.

Myth: Hairspray Makes Your Hair Stiff and Hard

Not really. Yes, back in the day, using hairspray made your hair stiff and could lead to hair breakage. But, the modern-day hairspray is formulated with advanced formulas that offer a flexible hold, allowing your hair to move naturally. So, don’t let this myth stop you from rocking that perfect hairstyle.

Myth: Hairspray is Harmful to the Environment

Well, this can be true if you’re using the wrong hairspray. Many hairsprays contain ozone-depleting chemicals, which indeed is harmful to the environment. However, there is an extensive range of eco-friendly options available in the market, which uses natural ingredients and don’t harm the environment.

Should I Use Hairspray Or Not?

Whether or not to use hairspray depends on your personal preference and desired hairstyle. Hairspray can provide a strong hold and help maintain your hairstyle throughout the day, but it can also make your hair feel stiff or sticky.

Consider using hairspray when you want long-lasting hold or to keep intricate styles in place, and explore alternative products if you prefer a more natural or flexible look.

Ultimately, the choice is yours based on the specific style and effect you want to achieve.

Does Hairspray Dry Out Your Hair?

Yes, hairspray can dry out your hair! This is because most hairsprays contain alcohol, and alcohol-based products can strip your hair of its natural oils and moisture.

However, the good news is that there are hairsprays out there that are designed to nourish and hydrate your hair while providing the hold you need.

So, if you want to keep using hairspray without worrying about damaging your locks, make sure to look for products that are specifically formulated to be gentle on your hair.

And as always, it’s important to take good care of your hair by keeping it hydrated and moisturized to combat any dryness caused by hairspray or other styling products.

One Of Our Audience shared her current method:

  • Brush hair to detangle
  • Use Garnier Banana Hair Food Shampoo
  • Brush hair with a paddle brush in the shower
  • Apply Garnier Banana Hair Food Conditioner
  • Scrunch hair and wrap it in a microfiber towel
  • Use got2b heat protection
  • Apply Catwalk by TIGI Curls Rock Amplifier
  • Dry hair with a diffuser on high heat
  • Apply hair oil and let air dry.

Wrap Up

So, is hairspray bad for your hair? The answer is no, not really. While excessive use or using the wrong type of hairspray can have negative effects, mild to moderate use of hairspray should not harm your hair.

In fact, a hairspray is a useful tool for ensuring that your hair stays styled and put together throughout the day. As with any hair product, it’s important to use hairspray in moderation and to choose products that are appropriate for your hair type and individual needs.

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