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Yes, 5B Hair concludes the confusion of your curls category identification. As a curly hair girl, pricking the hair grade 4 and settling with a subgrade is the only thing you have wanted for years; understandable. 

Why not explore the newest grade 5B Hair? Maybe the 5B hair type will end your search now. It is the coily curls that straight hair people crave to have. If you just realized we are talking about your hair type, read along to the end of this blog post.

What Is 5B Hair?

5B Hair is a curly hair subcategory, usually with a coil-like curl pattern. The hair is tightly bound in coil curls that look “S” and sometimes “Z” shaped. Usually, it is a manageable kind of hair.

Since category 5 is relatively new in the hair grading system, distinguishing between the different subcategories in this grading can take time and effort.

However, if you think you understand this category clearly and take a closer look, identifying type 5B won’t be a big deal for you.

Characteristics Of 5B Hair Type

Likewise, different hair types have specific characteristics, and so does 5B hair. The following will tell you how to understand if you have such hair. 

Curl Pattern And Shape

The curl pattern is a bit different from other curly hairs. They stand somewhere in between regular curls and dense kinks. These coil-shaped hair are indeed tightly bound but not too tight as the kinks and not too loose as the generals.

Besides, the volume is vividly visible in this hair. However, the hair does not contain pumped-up puffiness like 5D kinky hair.

Dryness And Frizz

Dryness and frizz are inseparable in curly hair. Because it’s seen most of the curly hair is of low porosity. That’s why they are dry and frizz is there too. You get that in 5B hair too.

However, they require moderate moisturization than kinky hair to stay hydrated and healthy.

Natural Style Of The Hair

One benefit of 5B hair is its natural look. Usually, the hair naturally looks excellent and is ready to go with any look you want. So, you don’t need to spend extra time flat ironing it or wearing extensions.

Still, if you want your hair to look different on certain occasions, you can style it however you want.

Length Of The Hair

Generally, the length of this type of hair is medium. Although your hair has grown, it won’t look too long because of the tightly packed coils.

You can assume the growth of the length when you wash your hair and clearly measure it after straightening.

Density And Moisture 

Again, moisture retention is comparatively heavier in curly hair. So, it is obvious that 5B hair will need to get moisturized once in a while to stay more manageable and healthy.

Don’t Confuse 5B Hair With 5B Hair Color

People often mix 5B hair type with 5B hair color. But they are completely different things. Where 5B hair type talks about the hair category and its details, 5B hair color means medium beige brown or dark chocolate brown hair color.

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Ways To Manage And Care For 5B Hair

Caring for your specific type of hair in a certain way can only ensure your natural hair’s growth and overall health. Here are the five essentials you must follow to maintain this exact grade of hair.

Trimming Regularly

The first and foremost care tip for 5B hair is regular trimming. It may look like you are losing hair with your bare eyes, but you are giving your hair enough space to grow healthily by trimming it.

Trimming is inevitably important to avoid constant split ends in hair, which is prominent in curly hair.

Wet Detangling

Detangling tight curly hair can be hard. In that case, wetting your hair before running through the comb could be the best hack. Ensure you do it slightly and don’t totally drench your hair in the procedure.

Otherwise, combing super wet hair may cause hair breakage, damage and extensive hair fall.

Maintain A Wash Routine

Washing curly hair by maintaining a routine removes the dirt and buildup easily. Routine is important as you should regulate by which time of the week your hair is exposing itself more to dirt and then wash it accordingly.

Keep Hair Moisturized

Moisturize clean hair. You can do it right after washing your hair or drying it. Ensure that you are using a specific conditioner or moisturizer created for your hair porosity. 

Using essential oil extracts from natural elements can be beneficial to use as a moisturizer, too, in this term.

Minimize The Usage Of Heat Styling Tools

If possible, completely avoid using heat-styling tools. Your natural curls already look beautiful. You just need to moisturize and style them by tying them. However, apply a heat protection serum on your hair first if you need to use it.

Final Thoughts

5B hair is a great option if you’re looking for a curly hair type that is manageable and easy to maintain. Whether you’ve been struggling to identify your hair type or are looking to experiment with different styles, this type of hair is definitely worth considering.

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