Shiny Bald Head Care | Your Step By Step Guide

I’ve always wondered why some bald heads seem to glisten in the sunlight. As it turns out, it’s all about natural oils. Our scalps produce sebum, a natural oil that gives our skin a healthy shine. But excessive oiliness can lead to issues like acne and cysts.

So, how do you maintain that perfect shine without the greasy aftermath? Let me share some straightforward tips.

Why Do Bald Heads Shine?

Due to excess oil, our scalp produces natural oils for nourishment and healthy skin. That is why bald heads are shiny, and scientifically it’s known as sebum, as sebaceous glands produce embedded near hair follicles in the scalp.

So, fatty compounds known as lipids, when encountered with sebum, can lead to other results. Although both compounds make the scalp shine, they create a protective layer to prevent skin allergies by moisturizing the skin. 

However, extreme oiliness can turn into drawbacks as pores can clog on the scalp and develop into acne. It might get serious; scars and painful cysts can grow in most cases.

Oil production depends on each person’s hormones and body function, as your body might produce excess oil or barely any oil. 

And, if your body is more likely to produce oils on the scalp, it is the core reason for a shiny bald head.

The only trick is to gently use products that claim and reduce the oil production from the bald head. 

How to Maintain a Shiny Bald Head?

Do you know bald heads require maintenance and a head scalp care routine? Yes! If you are a fan of the rough and tough Vin Diesel look, you must know these tips to prevent your skin from damage and a dull appearance. 

However, applying creams, gels, and lotions made from different types of oils can worsen the pre-oil scalp condition.

Here I have mentioned some of the best tips and tweaks that you must consider to take care of your scalp.

Shampoo and cleanser

Proper technique and execution can keep your scalp healthy and balance natural oil production. Multiple products, such as cleansers and shampoo, can gently remove the excess oils and dirt from the bald head. 

Due to the high chance of encountering acne and sacking nutrients from the skin, it’s better to use natural products to wash the dirt and oils.

Take Note: Also, you must apply moisturizer to keep your head hydrated and balance the healthy shine.  

Bald Head Moisturizer

Moisturizer is not limited to hydrating your scalp, but it has other important rules to play, such as it keeps away irritation and itchy scalp. The correct moisturizer with natural ingredients can help combat dryness and aging of your head. 

According to the dermatologist, many bald heads suffer from dandruff and dryness issues. Moisturizers ensure your scalp looks conditioned, toned, and protected throughout the day.

The best way to apply is after a shower because the pores are open, and moisturizing can hydrate the bald head. 

Moreover, as per experts, applying adequate moisturizer after shaving is crucial for a smooth appearance. And helps in restoring hydration for a healthy glow and repairs scalp damage. 

Wax and Oils

For shiny finishing on the bald head scalp, oils and waxes with a thick solution can work outstanding. You must apply an appropriate amount in a circular motion for hydration. But too much application can turn your scalp into a greasy texture. 

Also, there is a catch for you; take a warm towel and gently rub it on the scalp after application to create a buff and shiny result. With the same technique, you can use any head wax with a thick and creamy texture on your scalp. 

Numerous oils are available in every household to soothe the scalp after shaving and protect it from sunburn. 

  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Aloe vera oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Sweet Almond oil
  • Coconut oil

Use Sunscreen

Applying oil and moisturizer is not enough, especially if you go out. Spending hours in sun exposure can end in sunburn and dry skin. That’s why it is prohibited to go out without applying sun protection.

Hair plays a huge role in creating a layer to protect from direct sunlight, so SPF protection is mandatory for bald heads.

In addition, PF 30 or higher is recommended for bald heads people, according to New York Research, The Strategist

You must check the label to ensure the sun’s protection has a “broad spectrum.” The experts suggest the sunscreen can work for a few hours, so it’s best reapplied on summer or sunny days. 

Everyone must use sun protection to eliminate the chances of skin cancer and prevent premature aging spots on their scalp. 


How To Stop Shiny Bald Head?

Hair plays a crucial role in absorbing natural oils on the scalp, and due to no follicles for absorption, bald heads shine. So these oils remain on the scalp and offer a shiny appearance that leaves a greasy and sticky sensation. 

Using specific shampoos and cleansers made from natural ingredients removes the shine from the scalp.

Also, the product has no allergic ingredients or harsh chemicals that can dry out your scalp. 

Ensure to avoid these elements; sulfates and parabens are mostly used in shampoos for creating foam. These can satisfy you with a matte look but destroy the hair and scalp. 

Choose Correct Cleanser

You must check the cleanser ingredients before purchasing, as this technique can save you from regretting later. Choose shampoo or cleanser containing natural ingredients to rinse the oils from the scalp.

I have mentioned some elements that can eliminate the shine and keep your scalp healthy. These ingredients contain vitamins and are rich in antioxidants. 

  • Tea tree oil
  • Hemp seed
  • Jojoba seed oil
  • Olive oil

Moisturizer for Matte Look

After using a cleanser, your scalp will seem dull and get dehydrated, so it is essential to apply moisturizer. Most moisturizers offer a matte look which are made from natural elements to hydrate your scalp and absorb excess oils. 

Look for products that claim matte finishing, lightweight, and oil control for matte results.

And with circulationary motion, apply the moisturizer with both hands until it’s soaked into the scalp. 

Apply Primer

According to Baldcafe, makeup primers can offer matte results for bald heads without hassle. You can use a primer that contains SPF and is not creamy.

Taking a small amount can work fabulously as you gently rub it on your head in a circular motion.

There is another trick that helps to absorb oils and offer a matte appearance. Applying Baby powder in small amounts with a back-and-forth stroke is the best way to settle the powder. 

It will reduce the shininess of the head and mattify the bald head.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. Sebum, or scalp oil, gives the scalp its natural shine but can cause acne.

I use gentle natural cleansers and moisturizers to keep my shine. Use sunscreen daily, especially on sunny days, to avoid sunburn and premature ageing. And I also use a natural cleanser and lightweight moisturizer to get a matte look. Primers and baby powder absorb excess oils, giving a polished look without shine.

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