5C Hair: Ultimate Guide to Understanding Type, Color, Texture

In the hair grading system, category 5 is the least talked about. That’s why many people aren’t even aware of it. When it comes to going for a grade for curly hair, it becomes more difficult to define with one specific grade.

Most people only know category 4 for curly hair. However, there is much more to explore in Category 5 for curls.

On this page, I define what is 5c hair as well as provide characteristics and tips to help you identify the 5c hair type.

What Is 5C Hair?

5c hair is characterized by tight coils and curls that form a distinct pattern. Unlike other hair types, 5C hair is fragile and prone to damage, so it needs extra care to keep it healthy and strong.

Clearing the confusion, firstly understand 5C hair is not 5C hair color. The color is a medium brown hair color unrelated to the same graded hair type. 5C hair could be a combination of curls, coils, and kinks. The hair type doesn’t only refer to a particular curl shape.

No matter what type of curls this hair has, they are tightly bound. The shape of the hair is either “S” or “Z” shaped, showcasing dense, voluminous curls, coils or kinks.

Characteristics Of 5C Hair Type

Below, I have shared some ways you can understand if you have 5C hair.

5C Hair Texture And Thickness

Usually, this type of hair forms a very thick texture when the hair is held together. The kinky, coily and curly shape with the voluminous feature of the hair will tell you that it is 5C hair.

Medium Hair Length

You will get a medium hair length if it’s this specific type of hair. Generally, the hair ends touch your shoulder or remain a bit above the shoulder. 

However, if you cut your hair regularly and maintain a short hairstyle, your hair may not grow much longer instead of being 5C. 

It Needs To Be Chemically Relaxed To Maintain

The hair is so tightly packed that it becomes difficult to wash, detangle, style, and overall care for your hair in its natural state. Then people choose to go through a chemical straightening procedure in the saloon and get their hair relaxed.

Commonly, 5C hair owners need to relax their hair chemically.

What 5C Hair Looks Like

I already talked about the thickness of the hair, which also represents the look of the hair. Indeed 5c hair has the thickest and densest curly hair bunch, giving a bouncy look.

Loses Moisture Quickly

These curly hairs lose moisture very quickly. When you wash your hair, it stays wet for a longer time. But, when you blow dry it or air dries naturally, the hair becomes frizzy and moistureless.

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5c Hair Texture

To achieve 5C hair, you need a hard and dry hair texture. If you love this style but worry about damage, try hair extensions.

It is popular in Africa, but American and European women love this hairstyle. Some even use hair extensions instead of chemicals.

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Tips To Take Care Of Your 5C Hair

Follow the simple tips and tricks below to ensure your 5C hair’s healthy and natural growth. 

Ask A Professional To Style Your Hair

To chemically relax your hair, you must take advice from your hair stylist or suggestions from your dermatologist. This kind of hair transformation involves using a decent amount of chemical products that could harm your hair and skin if not consulted through a specialist.

Wash Often To Keep It Clean

Suppose you are not relaxing your hair. In that case, washing it regularly is the best thing you can do. Since this particular type of hair becomes dry quickly and absorbs dirt faster, washing hair becomes inevitable. 

Keep The Hair Moisturized

Make sure you moisturize the hair every time you wash your hair or head out to start your day. You may not need to moisturize the hair inside the house, but you must apply moisturizer to protect your hair from the outside humidity.

It could be hair serums, thin oils, or leave-in or deep conditioners. 


Do Not Make Tight Buns Or Ponys

Tying the hair tightly to any bun or pony will weaken the root of your hair. Since it’s a dry hair type, breakage or damage gets more accessible to your hair if it is tied tightly. 

Of course, you need to consider styling your hair into loose ponies or half up, half down small and loose buns.

Maintain A Good Length Of The Hair By Trimming It Once In A While

Trim your hair often when needed. You’ll understand it’s time to go to the salon just by looking at your hair ends. The rough and split ends will tell you that it’s trimming time.

Wrap Up

So there you have it. Taking care of 5C hair type or chemically relaxed curly hair requires patience, dedication, and the right products.

Understanding your hair type, caring for it, and knowing the hairstyles that flatter it can make a huge difference in how your curls look. Always use natural products, avoid using heat stylers, and moisturize your hair to keep it healthy and hydrated.

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