5D Hair | Guide About The Untold Hair Grading Type

The hair grading system is already confusing with its existing number and subgrades. They already say a lot about different types of hair. Now there is a new grade called 5D. 

Until grade 5 was born, there wasn’t any accurate grade to measure extremely curly and kinky hair. Among different types of curls, 5D hair refers to the kinkiest ones. 

If you have such hair, with grade 5 now, you can know your hair type quickly and care for your hair more effectively. Without further delay, let’s learn about the new 5D hair.

What Is 5D Hair?

5D hair is a natural hair type which consists of an afro-textured hair category, generally found in hot climate areas. It is very rare that you will see this grade enlisted in the hair grading or hair typing chart.

This hair type was recently introduced, and only a few hair experts know it well. When you look at the hair grading chart and notice the 4-grade hair, they’re usually very curly. Some prefer to label the curly hair only by the number grade 4, like 4A, 4B, 4C, and 4D

However, many people now recognize hair grade 5 and experiment with the new hair type. 5A, 5B, and 5C are the most known sub grades right now, although people have started to figure out the 5D recently, also known as Cotton 5D Hair.

5d hair

5D Hair Specific Characteristics

It is tough to distinguish between the curl pattern to understand which graded hair you have. Because curl patterns can be really baffling sometimes. Here are some characteristics of 5D hair that you can check on to learn if you have such hair or not.

Kink Patterns

This type of hair can’t really be called curly; instead, the suitable word for them is kinky. In 5D hair, you get a very kinky hair pattern. All the strands of your hair stay tightly bound to each other. Usually, the pattern is “z” shaped. 

Moisture In The Hair

You may know the curlier your hair is, the higher tendencies are it is low porosity hair. Regarding kinky 5D hair, the hair has extremely low porosity and lacks moisture. They are dry and frizzy, which leads to breakage and damage easily.


The density of this kind of hair is extremely high. Each strand of the hair is so close, and you actually have a lot of hair there. If you want to measure the density, run your fingers through your hair. 

You will feel that the fingers are getting lost inside your hair if it is of this specific hair grade.

Length Of The Hair

Usually, the length of this hair is short to medium, even if it grows healthily. But the volume is unusual and very puffed up in this case.

Styling Difficulty Or Easiness

Although you can style curly hair easily, you can’t quickly style this kinky hair. It takes time, some hair softening products and a lot of effort to go through the styling process.

5d hair

Factors To Consider While Taking Care Of 5D Hair

Once you know that you have got 5D hair, you must learn the procedures to take care of it. This hair type is rare and prone to earlier damage, so it needs special care. 

Follow the easy-to-do things below to care for your amazing kinky hair properly.

Maintain A Moisturizing Routine

This type of hair needs more moisture. To keep your hair healthy and keep growing, follow a moisturizing routine. Before applying any processed ones from the market, try out natural home remedies.

Be Careful While Detangling

As the hair is prone to breakage faster in this category, you must be careful while detangling them. Use a wooden wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair. For easier detangling, you can also apply some water or leave-in conditioner before running through the comb.

Apply Pre-Poo Techniques As Wavy Low Porosity Hair

On your wash days, apply pre-poo methods for your densely kinky hair’s growth. Because this hair type is of extremely low porosity, you must choose the pre-poo elements carefully.

Be Aware Of Using Heat Styling Tools 

Applying heat to any hair is not suggested at all by hair experts. However, you often need to do it for styling purposes. While you are doing so, always use a heat protection serum on your hair before using heat directly.

Make Sure You Dry Your Hair Thoroughly After A Heavy Wash 

Letting your hair as it is after a heavy wash is never the ideal thing to do. Ensure you thoroughly dry your hair after washing it; otherwise, it will get excessive moisture, leading to prolonged damage. 

So I hope you guys understand the ins and outs of 5d hair.

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