What Is Weave Hair: Benefits, Types, and Hairstyles

Having voluminous and long hair is every woman’s dream, but not everyone is blessed with it. If you are one of those women who want long and glamorous hair without waiting years to grow, you might have heard about the term “weave hair.”

Weave hair, known as sew-in or sewn-in hair extensions, is a type of hair extension that’s sewn or weaved into your natural hair.

In this guide, I will go deep into what weave hair is, how it’s made, its benefits, and how to care for it, and weave hairstyles.

What is A Weave Hair? 

Weave hair is a type of extension that appears natural, and you can style or wear it for any occasion. These hair are sewn, glued, or clipped into your hair with different application methods. 

Moreover, These are available in various shapes and styles, such as long, thicker, curly, straight, etc. The weave is the best choice for low-porosity hair because it merges with your natural hair and offers a fuller look.

It requires much effort, and you might go to the salon for the best results. Additionally, weaves are available in two different varieties with different costs. 

  • Synthetic weaves are budget-friendly.
  • The natural weave is on the expensive side.

What is Weave Hair Made Out of?

Your synthetic weave hair is made from acrylic and nylon fibers, yet numerous chemical procedures refine synthetic weaves to enhance their quality. You can wear it comfortably and do any hairstyle without any hassle. 

Ample companies make weave hair from human donors, known as natural or virgin weave hair. And this hair has great audiences worldwide, but it will stretch your pocket.

Natural weave hair holds great texture, striking color, and effortless styling, so you can wear it longer without putting extra effort into maintenance.

For excellent results, you must look for Asian countries’ materials to manufacture thick, strong, and minimally tempered chemical weave hair.

In my research, I found some countries that produce great weave hair material.

  • Vietnam
  • China
  • India
  • Brazil
  • Malaysia
  • Peru
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Weave Hair Braids

Braids save the day by preventing regular hairstyling and breakage; you can do partial or full-head weave hair braids, known as  Cornrows hairstyling.

As weave extensions, wefts are sewn onto the cornrows and help your natural hair to grow easily while you choose whether to leave or hide.

You can braid weave hair comfortably at home without any hassle, it depends on your skills and experience of braiding. Still, it takes four to eight hours, depending on hair length. But it requires suitable products and maximum time or might cause an itchy and inflamed scalp.

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Weave Hair Bundles

These hairs come in a bundle with various textures, such as straight, curly,  and wavy, and you can match them according to your requirements.

The high-quality collection of weave hair is tied up with a ribbon for better packaging, but you must know how much is required to accomplish a fuller hair look. 

Bundles are estimated in grams or ounces, each weighing approximately 3.5 to 4 oz regardless of the length. That means your short weave hair is thicker compared to longer or above 16 inches weave hair. 

Although I recommended it’s best to go with two to three bundles for a fuller natural appearance, three to four are better if you want extended volume. However, the bundles might increase depending on the length and texture. 

Treatments of Weave Hair

Human, virgin, or synthetic weaves require a different hair care routine. To keep it clean and shiny, you must wash virgin weave hair for around one to two weeks.

For synthetic weave hair treatments, washing them when they are dirty is better as they are prone and get damaged easily.

However, your natural hair is bound up with synthetic weave, which requires extra attention as they don’t produce oil. That’s why you might encounter stripping or damage while removing weave hair. 

Thus it’s better to wash them with a spray water bottle and shampoo mixture. You must sprinkle some solution on your scalp and massage gently. Take another spray water bottle to rinse the shampoo, and repeat this process twice weekly. 

If you have colored hair, you must use lukewarm water and sulfate-free products to detach any styling product from weaved hair. You must buy a silicone-based deep conditioner to nourish your hair for extra care. 

All you need to do is apply the solution on hair ends but avoid using it on hair roots; it can lead to skin irritation. Always avoid twisting and scrubbing while washing or drying your weave because it can squeeze the moisture, making your hair dull. 

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Weave Hair Styles

Numerous weave hairs are specifically engineered, each serving a different purpose and method. Weaving hair types helps you determine which one is best to install at home and which requires professional guidance.

  • Glue weaves require specific glue that sticks on your hair weft or tracks to attach weaves. And you can do it effortlessly at home as it is one of the simpler methods compared to others. Ensure to choose the best glue that doesn’t carry any chemicals that lead to harm or irritate the scalp.
  • Drawstring weaves are used to achieve a sleek ponytail look. Also, they create volume and length in your hair. It is made from synthetic material, and you can attach it using combs or elastic drawstrings at home. 
  • Sew-in weaves are made from real and synthetic hair with various textures to fit your desired hair. But it’s best to seek professional guidance as they are complicated, and stylists can easily sew tightly into your scalp. In contrast, using various techniques and different braids methods. 
  • Fusion weaves are fused with your natural hair and can be fixed by applying hot and cold methods. You need a skilled stylist to attach each strand separately for neat outcomes. 
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Difference Between Weave Hair And Extensions 

There is a wide difference between weaves and extensions because of how they fit on your scalp. Weave hair is sewn into your hair, whereas extensions are clipped, tapped, or bound. Although weaves are similar to hair extensions, the application method is contrasting. 

You can fix extensions on separate strands at home easily but weave hair comes with a single unit or hairpiece design to cover your entire hair, and you need assistance from a professional hairdresser to install them. 

However, weaving hair requires braiding, and wefts are sewn into your braids. Additionally, both hairs are made from human hair or synthetic fibers that improve your hair’s appearance.  

Weave hair is long-lasting, but extensions are a great option if you prefer regular changes in your hairstyle. They can withstand color treatment, and you can switch hairstyles at home. 

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Benefits of Using Weave Hair

Wearing hair weaves offers numerous benefits, whether I want to switch up my look or give my natural hair a break from styling and manipulation.

Let’s delve deeper into some of the specific advantages I can experience by wearing hair weaves.

Protects Natural Hair

Sewn-in weaves, whether synthetic or human hair, keep your natural hair close to the scalp and protected from daily wear and tear, heat styling, harsh weather, and even cotton pillowcases.

This is an ideal way to prevent split ends and dryness that can lead to breakage and hair loss.

Low maintenance

Time is of the essence, and weaves are perfect for those with busy schedules or those looking for quick styling options. Synthetic hair is pre-styled, and you can just fluff and go.

On the other hand, human hair weaves offer versatility with easy care, even when you’re on vacation.

Low commitment

Unlike haircuts, weaves can be worn for a short time, from one day to a couple of months. You can change it up or remove it if you’re not satisfied.

This is perfect for switching styles and colors without damaging your hair, and it’s a great way to experiment with new looks without long-term commitment.


A significant advantage of wearing hair weaves is the ability to switch up your hairstyle without damaging your natural hair. You can try out different hairstyles, lengths, and textures depending on your mood, occasion, or outfit without committing to permanent changes.

Hair weaves offer versatility and allow you to test whether a certain hairstyle suits you before deciding to cut or dye your natural hair.


One last benefit of hair weaves is that they are an affordable way to get fabulous, stylish hair. You don’t have to break the bank to look your best or experiment with different looks.

Whether you choose synthetic or human hair, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting exceptional value that won’t compromise the quality or longevity of your weave.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, my research into the topic of weave hair has enlightened you It is an excellent option for women who want to try a new hairstyle without the commitment of a permanent style.

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