6A Hair: What Does This Hair Grading System Tell

The grading system for hair extensions can be confusing, especially for those who are not familiar with the standards used.

There are many different grades of hair on the market, ranging from 3A to 10A.

On this page, I’ll discuss the specifics of the 6A hair grading system and what it tells you about your hair extensions.

What is 6A Grade Hair?

6A Hair is a hair grade that tells it is Remy hair, meaning it’s authentic human hair. The hair is usually good enough to use as your regular hair extension, wigs, and weaves.

Regarding durability, 6A hair has a mid-range thickness and 12 to 18 inches in length. They are not very prone to shedding or tangling.

If kept under care, it can last up to 6 months. This grade of hair is suitable for light coloring and doesn’t get too damaged while dyeing.

This specific graded hair can consist of multiple donor hairs, which means it’s not the best but an ideal one within an affordable price range. 

Truth Behind Hair Grading System

In the first place, the hair grading system, also known as the hair typing system, was created to distinguish between different hair types in a particular industry. 

But the first thing to understand is that no regulatory body controls hair grades. 

Vendors Often Create These rates

It means a particular manufacturer can offer you different categories of hair, naming them by grade.

For instance, a vendor offers you 6A,8A, and 10A hair. Another vendor offers you their 6A,8A, and 10A hair. 

Same Grades Become Different In Different Companies

You might think the hair having the same grade by different vendors are of the same quality.

But it doesn’t work like that, a 6A hair from one company can differ from a 6A hair from another company. 

So, you can’t rely only on the grades to determine the hair’s quality from other vendors.

Labelling Grades Is A Marketing Taccticts Sometimes

Not all businesses do this. However, some use grading as just a marketing tactic for increasing sales.

They show you different grades but actually offer you the same hair at a higher price. It is a way for unscrupulous businessmen to make more money.

6a hair

How Long Does 6A Hair Last?

As mentioned, 6A hair is 100% human and is the best budget choice without compromising quality.

It’s important to note that your 6A hair can last for up to 6-8 months with proper care.

It’s not super thick, but it still has a great texture that looks natural and blendable.

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The Other Factors You Should Look For Apart From Grades

Now that you know hair grades do not really matter in a wide aspect, you need to learn other metrics to understand hair quality. 

Especially if you are buying hair online and have no option to inspect the hair practically, consider the characteristics below to measure it. 

1. Hair Type

You’ll find two types of hair in the market wigs, weaves, and extensions.

One is natural hair which is also called Remy hair. Another is synthetic hair which is also called Non-Remy hair.

2. Remy Hair

This type of hair is 100% natural human hair. Only minor processing or no processing at all is done to it.

The cuticle of this hair remains intact, which increases its porous quality. Remy hair is also marketed under the name of Virgin or Braid hair.

It is more popular than Non-Remy hair. However, the price of this hair is also medium to higher than synthetic ones.

3. Non-Remy Hair

This kind of hair is not 100% human hair. That means this hair goes through a lot of processing under chemical and synthetic treatment.

It is a kind of artificial hair. However, they can also consist of a little to moderate portion of natural hair.

The cuticles of this hair are removed. That’s why coloring synthetic hair becomes a risk. This hair is also named Soaked or Processed hair in the market.

4. Length

Hair length means the reach measurement of your hair. Selecting an ideal length is mandatory to complete your overall look according to your facial characteristics.

In this case, 6A hair mostly offers a length of 12 to 18 inches, whereas 7A hair is longer than 18 inches length. When you look further, you will see that 10A and 11A hairs have the longest length.

6a Hair

5. Weight

Most people are fond of heavy, voluminous hair, whereas some prefer flat and thin shine. No matter what you want, you must know the weight of the extension you are getting. 

Otherwise, if it turns out too heavy or too light, there will be no use in buying it as you aren’t going to be satisfied wearing the extensions. 

6. Hair Pattern

Although hair grades aren’t the thing you should be too dependent on, they can often tell you about the hair pattern.

It is seen in most cases that 6A hair is similar to straight. In contrast, 3A and 4A hair are curly and coily. If you see upper grades like 10A and 11A, they are straight.

So, consider thinking about the hair pattern twice and then look for a grade of hair accordingly.

7. Longevity

Primarily, more expensive hair extensions last for a longer time in comparison with cheaper ones.

However, it is not always true that affordable hair extensions will turn bad quickly.

You can get a minimum of 6 months longevity for a mid-range priced graded hair like 6A.

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8. Hair Care Methods

Maintaining and caring for your hair makes it more sustainable in any type of hair. The facts are similar to caring for your natural hair. The more you take care of it, it remains healthy.

In order to get the best benefit from your extensions or wigs, you need to take proper care of them. Besides, while buying one, look for an option that needs the least care to maintain for a long time.

9. Price

Lastly, your budget is a key factor to consider while shopping for commercially marketed hair. Going for the cheapest option won’t be wise as they may turn out just suitable for one-time use. 

As you want something sustainable, try to make a budget for a medium-priced one. It will last longer with proper care and be an absolute cost-effective investment.

Still, having doubts? Ask about these factors to the vendor directly. When you are satisfied with the answers, opt to purchase one.

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