How Long Does A Quick Weave Last? The Honest Answer

A quick weave is a type of hair extension that’s installed by gluing wefted hair onto a protective cap that’s placed on your head.

The duration a quick weave lasts can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the adhesive or bonding agent used, the skill of the stylist, and how well the individual maintains the weave.

On average, a quick weave typically lasts anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks.

However, many people question how long they last and how to care for them. Here.

In this article, I’ll answer all your questions about quick weave duration and give tips on making your quick weave last longer.

What Is A Quick Weave?

A quick weave is a hair extension that applies a weaving technique. The procedure is different from installing regular hair extensions.

You have to settle your natural hair, wear a wig cap, and install the weaves. 

This hairstyle has gained popularity for its versatility. Unlike other hair extensions, you can do multiple hairstyles with it.

It means your hairstyle is wider than a particular style.

The installation process is also straightforward in this hairdo. You can do it on your own. But a stylist can help you too if it’s your first time. 

So How Long Does A Quick Weave Last?

If taken care of properly, a quick weave can last up to a month. You can expect it to work for another week, which means 4-6 weeks. 

A quick weave is now highly competing with a sew-in weave. It is playing hard and forward in every aspect.

But one significant difference between them is their longevity.

Generally, sew-in weaves last longer than quick weaves, which is two months.

However, if you want a quick hairstyle that only takes 1.5/2 hours to install and lasts for a month, allowing you to do different styles with it, the quick weave is your go-to option.

Quick Weave Last

Different Types Of Quick Weave Hairstyles

There are different types of hairstyles you can apply with it. You have the option to choose any hairstyle depending on your real hair type and length.

Some of the most popular ones are

  • Half up, half down, quick weave 
  • Ponytail quick weave
  • Short quick weave
  • Mohawk quick weave
  • Curly bob quick weave
  • Long and straight quick weave
  • Middle parting quick weave
  • Closure quick weave 
  • Quick weave with colorful highlights

You can apply any of them with the extension. Moreover, some of the hairstyles allow restyling your hair even after installing it once.

Make sure you buy high-quality weaves while considering this style. Then you’re good to go. 

Pros And Cons Of Quick Weave

Like every other hair extension, the quick weave has its advantages and disadvantages.

You must know all of them before settling to get one. 

Advantages Of Quick Weave

Affordable Quick Hair Extension

They are way cheaper than traditional sew-in weaves. It is the most affordable option among hair extensions that can give you a moderately sustainable look.

Easy To Install

The installation process of this hairdo is super simple and easy.

You must make cornrows with your natural hair, wear the weave cap, and glue the extensions. All these take only 1.5 to 2 hours altogether.

Easy To Maintain

This hairstyle is effortless to maintain. It only requires the nighttime wrapping technique to protect it.

Besides, if you want, apply some moisturizer to keep it hydrated and shiny.

Easy To Remove

The de-installation process of the extension is also easy to do. You have to apply some conditioner and water to remove it quickly. 

Able To Offer You Versatile Styles

Once you have installed the quick weave, you can style it however you want. Cut some of the extension bottom or straighten or curl it to get your desired look.

You can also make changes to the tracks while you install it. 

Available Supplies

You don’t need any expensive or special product to install and maintain a quick weave.

If you want to get some supplies, you will find them in your local beauty store.

Goes Easy On Your Natural Hair

As it goes in with a weave cap on your head, it goes easy on your natural hair. The benefit of gluing the extensions on the weave cap and not on your natural hair is there.

It doesn’t destroy your natural hair and doesn’t put too much tension on it. 

Disadvantages Of Quick Weave

Not Much Longevity

These hair extensions are there for short-term use, a month or so.

You can’t expect it to go for longer than that. If you’re looking for something more sustainable, you have to see costly sew-in weave options.

Risk Of Natural Hair Shedding

Hair shedding could be a minor issue if your natural hair is not that strong.

Because wearing the cap and the extensions puts some pressure on your natural hair. It may lead to some hair shedding while taking off the weave.

Besides, you may need to cut your natural hair to some extent for styling purposes.

There you may lose some of your hair length too. 

How Long Does A Quick Weave Last

Pro Tips To Take Care Of Your Hair With Quick Weaves

Taking care of your quick weave is something that you should do deliberately.

Proper maintenance can make your hairstyle last longer (4-5 weeks) in a healthy way.

Apply the below-mentioned pro tips to make your ones last longer.

Detangle Carefully

If your hairpiece gets tangled and needs combing, don’t do it roughly. Carefully detangle your extensions. It’s better done with your fingers.

Keep It Clean

They generally don’t require a heavy wash. But you must keep it clean if you want to keep the look on for long.

You may spray some water, wet your hair a bit, and clean it with other hair cleansing products. 

Do Not Pull And Snatch

To remove the hairstyle completely, avoid forcefully pulling or snatching it. Instead, use water and a mild conditioner to gently take it off.

Use Sulfate Free Moisturizer

Sulfate is something that’s not good either for your natural hair or extensions. Use a sulfate-free moisturizer to keep it moist and healthy-looking.

Wear Weave Cap

You must wear the weave cap to install it and have a sturdy grip firmly. It will hold the extensions tightly and won’t let them fall off the hair. 

My Tips: Try To Wrap At Night

When you go to bed, wrap your hair entirely so it doesn’t get tangled. You can use a silk headscarf or bonnet to cover it. If you have curly weaves, then wrap the curls separately.

Moreover, when you wake up, clean, moisturize, and style your hair correctly.

What Do You Need For A Quick Weave?

If you’re planning to do a quick weave, then you’ll need a few things to get started.

To make things easier for you, I’ve listed down the essentials that you’ll need:

Hair Extensions

The first thing you need for a quick weave is hair extensions. There are various types of extensions available, including synthetic, human hair, straight, and curly.

Choose the type of extension that best suits your natural hair texture and desired style.

Make sure the extensions you choose are suitable for weaving and can withstand heat styling.

Hair Weaving Cap

To create a base for the weave, you’ll need a hair-weaving cap. It’s like a wig cap but with a more significant open hole on top.

Choose a cap that matches your natural scalp color and fits your head correctly. If the cap is too loose or too tight, the weave won’t stay in place.

Weaving Thread and Needle

To secure the extensions to the weaving cap, you’ll need a weaving thread and needle. Choose a thread that matches the color of your extensions and is strong enough to hold the weight of the hair.

Use a curved weaving needle to help you sew the hair to the cap securely.

Scissors and Comb

You’ll need scissors to cut the extensions to the right length and a comb to help you part your hair and style the weave.

Ensure the scissors are sharp enough to cut through the hair without causing damage or uneven ends.


Hopefully, my research into the topic of quick weave long lasting has enlightened you. Quick weaves usually take an average of 1-2 hours to install. It can also be styled in various ways such as straight, curly, wavy, and even colored.

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