Losing Hair on One Side of the Head | How To Treat It Naturally

The hair is considered a person’s crowning glory because it can make or break a person’s look. Losing hair may not always be alarming, but what if your hair is falling only on one side of your head?

This sudden hair loss can be concerning because it can affect your appearance and self-confidence. Here, we’ll talk about the possible reasons why you’re losing hair on one side of your head.

Cause of losing hair from only one side of the Head

At any age, you might suffer from losing hair. But it will become a nightmare when from the scalp, one side of the hair embarks to disappear. There are ample reasons that may lead to this condition, so let’s discuss them.

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata is a condition that seems like you are losing hair in patches or non-scarring. This may happen to any gender but with different developing patterns. One of the widespread symptoms is telltale, which may occur due to the body’s lack of producing autoimmune components.

Moreover, as per reports (Wikipedia), Alopecia areata target female hair in an asymmetrical pattern, leading to baldness. It triggers the scalp’s side and back, which aren’t prone to hair loss or baldness. 


It’s an actual psychological disorder that leads to unknowingly pulling hair, resulting in patchy hair loss. And no specific reason can define why sufferers pull hair without thinking twice. And tugging hair multiple times can harm the follicles and minimize growth. 

If you pull your hair, you must go to a psychologist to resolve this condition. Some therapies and medications can aid you in combating this condition efficiently. 


Suffering from any physical trauma could be the reason for one side losing hair. Head injuries and strokes require stitches to resolve the health problem. But you may find less hair on the affected scalp due to damaged tissues in treatment.

The scar area loses the power to grow hair back because tissue doesn’t carry hair follicles, which are the primary sources of regrowing hair. On top of that, heavy medications and weakness may lead to symmetrical hair loss. 

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Never-Ending Hairstyling 

To do different hairstyles, you must apply heat that might weaken the hair follicles through tight braids, perms, and blow drying. Sometimes too much hairstyling leads to scalp irritation and damages the roots. Most hairstyles require pulling or snuggling hair follicles, causing losing hair from one side. 

However, chemical treatments such as relaxers and permanent straightening methods can scar the scalp. These treatments carry harmful substances, and you might notice hair tinning afterward. 

Too Much Stress

Stressing too much is harmful to your health, and it affects the organs and even your hair. Chronic stress is the leading cause of hair loss, known as one side of hair loss. It will set many hair follicles into the resting phase, and after some time, your hair starts to fall while combing or shampooing. 

If you are mourning from stress or anxiety, it might be the reason for your hair loss! Your hair can be fixed with proper treatment, as stress hair fall is temporary. However, you must reduce stress to improve your health and hair. 


It could be your genetics, as your ancestors may pass it to your parents. There is a higher chance that you will suffer from this disorder too. The hereditary condition happens as you age and attacks differently depending on gender.

This known as androgenic alopecia is not similar to baldness; it hits on the right or left side of the head. Another heredity of losing hair from different head parts might happen due to system shock known as telogen effluvium.

Sleeping on One side

Your hair is lost from one side because you sleep without switching or turning. The position of sleeping suffocates your hair follicles and weakens them. According to the reports (PR Newswire study), most people choose to sleep on their right side compared to the left side of the bed. 

However, it might be why your hair is thinning from the right side of the head. Every day, 8 hours of sound sleep damages your hair due to pressure and less reach of nutrients

Blood Circulation

Hair growth needs complete blood circulation, and sleeping on one side, too much tight hair tieing and scarring can eliminate the blood flow. Insufficient bloodstream means fewer nutrients will travel through blood vessels in the scalp to strengthen and nourish the hair follicles. Visit a trichologist to run some blood tests to determine if this is the leading cause of your losing hair from one side of the head. 

Treatment to Resolve this Hair Problem

You must know the hair treatments which can resolve the side hair loss problem within your budget and efficiently. Here are some magical solutions that are mentioned below. 

Find Cause

Finding the cause is essential to deal with one side of the hair loss condition. You must consult a medical professional or trichologist to treat and cure the issue from the roots properly. 

Trichologists will run some tests as they can aid in determining which medicine and treatment works to resolve your problem. However, in some cases, it’s tough to find the cause of one-sided hair loss, so you might need to go to a dermatologist’s assistant. 

Scalp Micropigmentation

It’s a non-invasive and non-surgical cosmetic method with less pain. Scalp micro pigmentation is also known as a hair tattoo, but the procedure and technique differ from typical tattoos.  It has little residue needles that penetrate the scalp and imitate the fuller hair look.

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Scalp Massage

Massaging is an excellent treatment for you as it aids in stimulating hair growth and relieves stress. It boosts blood flow and improves oxygen levels on the scalp to travel the nutrients through hair follicles. It eliminates the harmful buildup and waste from the hair roots. 

You must massage the affected region to pump the blood for five minutes daily using your fingers. According to their study (NIH), scalp massaging after 24 hours can help increase thick hair growth. Moreover, massage products are beneficial for decreasing genes leading to one side of hair loss.

Natural Remedies 

You can apply some home remedies to control hair loss from one side of the head. Onion juice and ginseng can eliminate hair loss, and scalp irritation, even pushing hair growth. Sulfur compounds found in onions can support hair growth and boost hair thickness. 

However, ginseng has bioactive constituents to promote hair growth and cycle. In a significant quantity, sulfur is the reason for thick hair as it tackles any physiological factors causing hair loss. 

Some of the most popular natural remedies include:

  • Applying castor oil to your scalp
  • Massaging your scalp with a mixture of coconut oil and honey
  • Using essential oils like peppermint or rosemary to stimulate hair growth
  • Taking supplements like biotin and vitamins B and D to improve hair health

Maintenance tips for hair regrowth

Once you’ve started treatment or followed the above tips to manage hair loss on one side, it’s essential to maintain it. Taking care of your hair post-treatment is critical for promoting healthy regrowth.

Continue using gentle products that suit your hair and protect your hair’s health from heat styling, sun damage, and harsh chemicals. Additionally, massages your scalp and uses hair growth oil or serum to improve circulation.

Is it normal to lose hair on the side?

Hair loss is a common issue for both men and women. While losing hair on the side may seem concerning, it’s actually quite normal to shed hair on all areas of the scalp. In fact, we naturally lose around 50 to 100 scalp hairs every day.

However, if you’re noticing that you’re shedding more than usual or experiencing a wider part or bald patches, it’s important to seek medical advice. There are various factors that can contribute to hair loss, including genetics, stress, and hormonal imbalances.

With proper diagnosis and treatment, you can take steps to manage hair loss and promote healthy hair growth.

Check out the reasons why might be losing hair.

Wrap Up

So there you have it. With a little patience and the right treatments, it’s possible to regrow your hair and manage hair loss effectively. Keep it mind, it’s crucial to see a dermatologist to determine the underlying cause and work out a more specific treatment plan. But if you’re looking for ways to manage it at home, make sure you take care of yourself, take better care of your hair, and keep up a healthy hair care routine.

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